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​​When working on new construction and remodeling projects we look forward to assisting you in choosing the right drywall texture for the areas where you decide to create little extra jazz. If you can select the texture, we can save you time and money by letting you know if the area should be left smooth or even if it needs to be textured finished at all.​

There are many products now that can be installed directly over unfinished drywall. Take a look around the Raleigh area, and you'll see many beautiful, decorative drywall texture applications on many of the commercial buildings and in a myriad of homes. Drywall texture application is the fastest growing form of decorative drywall there is, but it only looks right when handled professionally. At Oak City Drywall you'll find professional drywall contractors on every one of your projects. The innovative tools we use allow us to achieve drywall texture techniques that are the most popular at nearly half the time, meaning less cost to you.

Whatever your goals are, drywall texture applications can make a huge difference in how you feel about your home. Texture can bring depth and interest to your walls and other surface areas.

If there's a surface texture or finish that needs repairing, applied new, or matched, we'll be able to handle the finishing for you. As leaders in the industry, our drywall contractors have the knowledge and skill to handle your decorative drywall finishes for the interior of your Triangle area home or business.

When you keep the interior of your home or business well protected with quality finishing products, you're doing a lot to keep the value of your Raleigh area property alive. Let us help you with all your drywall texture finishing projects so you can have the remarkable look you are going for with your improvements.

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