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Sloppy, sticky, frustrating, and exhausting. Many homeowners wish they had never begun to remove their wallpaper long before the project is over. Anybody who has tried to remove old wallpaper can testify to how difficult and unpleasant the task is. But before you decide to convince yourself that the faded floral or the tropical beach scene isn’t too bad after all, consider calling Oak City Drywall and let the professionals take care of it for you.

Oak City Drywall in Raleigh, NC has many years of experience in removing even the most robust wall coverings. Using unique tools and an enzyme-based spray (human and pet-friendly), our specialists can take the mess and headache out of the wallpaper removal, leaving behind a fresh slate for your creative designs.

Once we remove the wallpaper, we always endure that all previous adhesives are washed away as well. If you want to repaint the area, our experts can perform any necessary repairs and use specialty coatings to completely seal out any residue that might still be left behind, and the 1972 floral design wallpaper will be nothing but a distant memory.

​If once your walls are a fresh slate, and you want a new decorative wallpaper then our professional technicians will be happy to help. With many styles and designs on the market today there are endless creative ways to make your walls beautiful and stand out from all other homes. ​

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